In the framework of the MONALISA project the Institute for Alpine Environment​ in collaboration with the Institute for Applied Remote Sensing maintain a network of ground stations for collecting both images and other physical parameters such as NDVI, Surface Temperature, or Photosynthetically Active Radiation.

The main advantage to create such a network is the possibility to have long-term observations with automated techniques at high temporal and, in the case of digital repeat photography, also high spatial resolution. As a consequence, a reliable and stable system is necessary to handle the flow of these data passing through a series of quality check to guarantee their integrity.

These data are stored in the 52°North SOS  (Sensor Observation Service) web-application that implements the OGC standards.

The data are collected within the project period August 2013 - December 2016; these ones are accessible for partners only.

A dedicate website has been setup to allow users to play with a restricted sample of the data. If interested users can contact the responsible to access to the entire data series.​