​​The project MONALISA is the starting point of a multi-annual special research area, founded by the Autonomous Province of Bolzano / Bozen. Aim of both MONALISA and the special research area is to increase the collaboration within the South Tyrolean research system (EURAC, Free University Bolzano, VZ Laimburg, TIS – Innovation Park).

Moreover it aims to improve the collaboration between research and companies. To this purpose, five South Tyrolean companies have been included in the project. Two Province’s departments are involved in the project: the Ufficio per il diritto allo studio, l'università e la ricerca /Amt für Bildungsförderung, Universität und Forschung (Research Department) and the Ufficio per l'Innovazione, ricerca, sviluppo e cooperative / Amt für Innovation, Forschung, Entwicklung und Genossenschaften (Innovation Department).

The major goal of MONALISA is the development of multi-scale monitoring approaches for key environmental parameters as well as production processes with the help of innovative monitoring technologies and non-destructive techniques (NDT) in the application field of agriculture. The whole production chain of agriculture will be monitored from environmental conditions to the quality of apples. 
Multi-scale means that key environmental parameters will be consistently monitored across scales from regional scale (full area of South Tyrol, 7400km²), landscape scale, plot scale down to the level of plants, fruits and leaves. In the laboratory, Laimburg will analyze fruit texture and tissue with NDT.

The extensive environmental data collection, shared through a common data platform, will allow to analyze numerous relationships across time and space, concerning  water, carbon and energy fluxes in mountain regions or the relationship between growing conditions and vegetation development in time. 
Methodological state-of-the-art research will investigate on how UAV based monitoring of vegetation parameter can contribute to up- and downscaling of environmental data, how modern proximal sensing and field data logger technology can be applied for monitoring in agricultural practice, or how fruit quality can be analyzed with NDT technology .